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How to get a healthy but quick meal on moving day?

By Radhika Agarwal |
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Easy meals ideas for moving day

The day of shifting, if you remember, is one of the busiest days of our life. This is the day when we are about to leave our present place and move to a new place. This is also the day when we have to play the role of an event manager even if we don't want to. That is why, on this day we have to deal with the paucity of time.

In other words, this is the day when you need to take special care of you and your family members. In such a situation, when you are short on time, you need to eat something that is healthy and at the same time can be prepared in a jiffy.

Easy meals ideas for moving day

Make a plan what your family will be eating in breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day of moving. Cooking can be difficult when you first move into your new home just because your pots and pans will be packed in boxes and your refrigerator will probably be empty. This is another reason why it's best to prepare your meals in advance. Here are some ideas about easy foods to prepare for each meal on the day of moving.


It would better if you prepare the breakfast in advance for the day of moving and the morning after. In this situation cereals and oatmeal become easy breakfast options. Another option could be to prepare the oats a night in advance and serve them for breakfast the next morning with fruits added to them. Apart from this, orange juice or even coffee can also be taken in breakfast. This would be very helpful in keeping you awake and alert.


Now, let's talk about the easy options you have for lunch. In lunch you will need carbs-rich and fiber-rich foods which will keep you running. Meals like carbs-rich wraps and even sandwiches are perfect for lunch during moving day whereas salads will compensate the need of fibers. Salads may include some greens, veggies, and dressing. All you need to do is to pre-pack the servings in mason jars with the dressing on the bottom.


Now it's time for dinner. For dinner, pasta, casseroles or stews could be some easy dinner options and can be prepared with just a pan. With this, your dinner food becomes healthy and takes less time as well. Lasagna, frozen pizza, garlic bread, etc. are also some good options that you can make in the oven in very little time. Apart from all these options, you can also order a takeout for dinner and save yourself from the hassles of cooking again. But it would be better to plan for this in advance. For this, you can gather various takeout menus and numbers from your nearby restaurants in advance.

Moving day snacks

Having a light breakfast option ready for the moving day can help you stay alert and productive. Makhana, masala corns, peanut butter sandwiches, fruits, nuts, etc. are healthy snacks and will keep you running. But, I would advice to avoid sweets like cookies or brownies while on the go.

Your pets: Don’t forget them

If you have pets, don't forget to include them in this preparation. There should be no room for any mistake especially when you are moving with pets. Like you, they will get hungry too. So, don't forget to set aside enough portions for each of their meals on the day of moving.